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What is Dandruff?

on Jun 07 in Uncategorized category, Posted by

Dandruff is common among humans. It isn’t simply a dry flaky scalp. In fact, it was found to have a fungal component to it.  The fungus responsible is Malassezia Globose. There are three components to be considered to actually have dandruff: The fungus Malassezia Globose. Sebum The persons susceptibility for the fungus. Very early experiments […]

Hair Growth Facts…

on Apr 20 in Uncategorized category, Posted by

  The human head and or scalp can produce somewhere in the area of 100k and 150k hair follicles at any given time. These hair follicles are in groups of 2, 3, 4 and single hairs and randomly arranged on the scalp however the hairline normally only has 1’s and 2 hair follicles. Outside of […]

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Is It A Scam?

on Feb 08 in Uncategorized category, Posted by

Platelet Rich Plasma or commonly known as PRP. PRP came onto the scene in the 1970’s/80’s in other parts of healthcare particularly in cardiac surgery. Fast forward into the 2000’s it was used to treat anything from sports injuries to nerve damage to even skin a hair procedures. But what is PRP? PRP is basically drawing […]

Cholesterol Medications and Hair Loss

on Dec 22 in Uncategorized category, Posted by

Since the discovery of the correlation of high cholesterol and coronary artery disease, there was a push to lower cholesterol through diet. Until big Pharma discovered a class of drugs called “statins”. These statins are very popular among cardiologist, internal medicine, and general practices in the U.S.. Some of the common names are Lipitor, Atorvastatin, Simvastatin, Zocor, and Crestor. […]

The Benefits of a Scalp Micro-Pigmentation on a Scalp Scar.

on Oct 14 in Uncategorized category, Posted by

Scalp Micro-pigmentation also known as SMP is a modified tattoo using small dots instead of shading as in a typical tattoo. In hair restoration it has become very popular because it can cover old horrific scalp scars or even darken the scalp when there is less density so that ambient light doesn’t shine on the scalp and […]

Follicular Unit Study… Can Hair Follicles Survive When Divided From Their Natural Group?

on Sep 06 in Uncategorized category, Posted by

Hair follicles reside in the scalp in natural groups that comprise of 1- even 7 follicles per grouping. As seen in the picture above there are examples of 1-4 hair follicles per grouping. The question proposed in the late 1990’s in hair restoration was could these groups be divided and thusly individual hair follicles survive […]

Why Do People Pull Their Hair Out? (A Trichotillomania-Diagnosis)

on Aug 01 in Uncategorized category, Posted by

Trichotillomania as defined is a person that compulsively pulls their hair from their scalp, arm, eyelashes, leg, or even pubic region. This compulsion leads to complete irreversible hair loss and bald areas on the affected area. Although this disorder is found even in infants, its more common in adolescents and adults. There are two sub groups […]

Shock Hair Loss. Why does it occur? Is it Permanent?

on Jul 18 in Uncategorized category, Posted by

Shock Hair Loss (shock loss) is a real phenomena that should be spoken about before you undergo a hair transplant. While it is a rare occurrence across the board in all hair restorations, it occurs in approximately 5% of all cases. But what is it and what causes it? Shock loss is where there is a loss of natural […]

What is a Scalp Reduction to Cure Baldness?

on Jun 02 in Uncategorized category, Posted by

A Scalp Reduction defined is simply the removal of a balding area in lieu of transplanting hair into it. Literally surgically removing the balding areas and suturing the wound to reduce baldness. The historical aspect of this procedure dates back into the 1970’s. The first mention of this was in Montreal, Canada and a second […]

Cigarette Smoking and the Potential for Hair Loss

on May 26 in Uncategorized category, Posted by

  Smoking cigarettes is obviously a topic that has serious implications among many different disciplines in medicine. Smoking cigarettes can cause problems with lungs such as COPD and even is suspect to cause lung cancer. Smoking also has effects on the heart and circulation. Circulation is our topic for this blog and what its effects may be on […]

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